I don’t want a lot in life, but what I do want, I want to do really well.

Frequently, I am not drawn to certain products or people because I absolutely love everything that they do. Usually, I am drawn to them because of their passion. They do things because they truly love them. I want to be like them: like Stacey from freshstitches or Lucy from attic24. I am not a huge fan of amigurumi, or overly fond of pictures of flowers and boats, but what I do love about both of these women and their blogs is that they exude passion in every word. They are excited about what they are doing and that speaks to me. I want to be like that.

I feel like in so many ways I am in between things in life. I have felt like this for a long time … even the last ten years or so. My husband and I are coming up on our ten year anniversary and it has really provoked a lot of thought about my life for me. What do I regret about the last ten years? What did I do right, or would do again? How many moments were just mediocre and unmemorable? Is this how I want to spend the next ten years of my life as well? The answer to the last question is easy, no I definitely do not want to spend the next ten years in mediocrity and what feels like a wasting-of-time.

I want this blog to be a place of my passion. I love crocheting. I read about it all day long, but there is something that holds me back from truly exploring my own creativity and crafting more. Crochet is my art and I need to not be afraid to express it. So many times I really am afraid of failure. Or not even failure, but afraid of mediocrity and a lack of originality. I compare myself to other bloggers or crocheters and think “I’m just not that good,” or I think that because my ideas are not the most innovative or original that they aren’t interesting. Well, this attitude needs to stop. This blog needs to be a place where I can express my joy and passion and maybe even connect with others. I have tried connecting locally with other crocheters and knitters, but it hasn’t gone as well as I hoped. It’s time to stop being afraid and start putting myself out there, even if it is in just this small way through blogging.

Be expecting to hear more from me; I know I am.

Here’s a quick snap shot of what I am working on right now. It’s a granny stripe blanket inspired by Lucy from attic24.



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