It’s not what you make but why

This is the question that is plaguing my mind lately: what should I crochet to sell? I am constantly thinking about this, to the point that I am having a hard time choosing any one direction or item.

There are a few questions that I can answer to help me get there. What kind of market do I want to reach: local or online? Do I want to sell items for adults, children or babies? Men or women? Do I want my items to be wearable (clothing accessories, hats, mittens, etc), function-able (blankets, washcloths, coffee cozies) or just plain fun (toys, etc)?

I have decided that most of the answers to these above questions don’t matter. In fact, thinking about them constantly and running the answers and possible scenarios around in my head for what people will like the most or what will sell the best or what will give me the largest profit is driving me absolutely crazy! I realized that there is only one question that truly matters.

What do I want to do?

You see, if I’m going to make crocheting a sustainable business, one that I can continue to do for a long time, then I need to enjoy what I’m making. If I’m keeping in theme with my last post, what that really means is that I need to create that which I am passionate about. It’s more than just for myself though. I know that if I pour myself into my art and craft, then the joy that I receive from it will be passed on to others.

When people buy something hand made, they want to know that love and joy went into the crafting of it. This gives the item a human element. The human element is what they want to buy too, not just the physical object itself. If people wanted cheap, easy, and impersonal then they can go into any department store and buy from there. What people want is a piece of that passion, love, creativity, and humanity that goes into hand-crafted items. Those are the qualities that matter and those are the things that are worth giving and paying for.

I want to add value to people’s lives, both in the physical sense of the items that I create for them and in the emotional sense. I want to help bring people joy through the things I make.

Lately, one of the most common questions I have been asked about selling my crochet items is, “Do you enjoy it?” And quite honestly, the answer has been no. I think that’s because I have been pursuing what I think what will make people happy, rather than what I actually have joy about.  The only way I can give joy is if I feel it about the items I am making.

I truly believe that if I crochet and craft with passion, then eventually all those other questions will sort themselves out too. I’m excited to see where this new found attitude leads me.

– Jacey

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