Next up, unicorns…

I have been eyeing this pattern for quite awhile now and I finally gave it a go. It is Flavia the Unicorn from Fresh Stitches. I really can’t get enough of her patterns right now. I absolutely adored crocheting this softie. My kids have been begging to play with this one too! I’m going to have to take a break from making things to sell and crochet them a cuddly animal or two.

flavia frontMy absolute favorite part of this unicorn is the mane! It’s so bright and colorful and HUGE!

flavia backMy other favorite thing about these animals is the construction of the legs and body. I love that it’s standing up tall rather than down on all fours like a typical animal. Somehow, this makes it more endearing to me. You can’t tell from these pictures but this unicorn is tall, measuring 15″ from the top of the horn to the bottom of it’s hooves.

I really hope it’s a hit at the farmer’s market, or possibly even Etsy. I’ll be honest, I have been hesitant to start an Etsy shop even though my friends and family have encouraged me to open one from the beginning. It’s a bit intimidating! The market out there is huge and tough. We’ll see. :P First thing would be to figure out the best way to ship these guys. Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by.

– Jacey


4 responses to “Next up, unicorns…

  1. Etsy is just so daunting, isn’t it. I set up a store, but have been hesitant to start listing items. Like you, no idea about shipping. Not to mention all the store policies etc. It’s in the too hard basket for now.

    I love the unicorn; the mane is so cool!


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