A gratuitous May wrap-up

I wanted to share all of the crocheting that I have been up to in the last month. Some of it has already been posted here and some not. Please forgive the quick smart phone pictures. Without further ado:

Lark 1The month started out with this little guy. It was my first attempt at crocheting a monster of any kind (though not my first-ever Amigurumi). This is a free pattern offered by Stacey from Fresh Stitches. After coming to the conclusion that I need to make things that bring me joy, I decided to give these monsters a try and I am so happy that I did.

Lark the Monster (2)After crocheting the first Lark, I quickly made a second. :) I really like the colors on this one.

Flavia the UnicornNext up was the Unicorn. This is the pattern that really got me thinking that I wanted to make crochet plushies. I just love the whimsy in this Unicorn and the bright flowing mane. I can’t wait to make more of these and I have a feeling they are going to be a big hit at craft fairs.

Mr. ToothyThis is Mr. Toothy. I haven’t blogged about him yet, but I have to say next to the Unicorn he is my absolute favorite. I love his sweet smile! He was also really fun to make and I plan on making many more of him. I just love the idea of a sweet, smiling monster!

Roosevelt the MonsterThis little girl is going to be a gift at an up-coming baby shower this weekend. I embroidered on the eyes so that it would be completely safe for a baby to play with and also made it quite squishy so that eventually little hands would be able to grab onto it easily. I really hope that it gets a lot of love in the years to come.

Crocheted BagIn the meantime, I decided I needed to finish up this poor neglected bag. You see, the main portion of the bag has been completely done since October of 2012! Oops… I crocheted up the handles and little flowers and assembled them all together. This bag is HUGE. I think that I will try my hand at making smaller ones and lining them with fabric. The pattern can be found at Lucy’s blog of Attic 24.

CatAnd last but not least I attempted to crochet a cat. This was featured in my WIP Wednesday post. I love the body, but I’m not sold on the whiskers yet. My husband and 8 year old thought it looked like a dog without them, but I’m not sure. Either way, it was made with love and it is going to be gifted to my best friend’s little girl this Saturday for her third birthday. I’m sure she will love it, despite it’s imperfections.

Group PhotoA group shot just for fun. I really have enjoyed making these animals so much, I can’t even describe. I have no idea if they are going to sell or not. If they don’t, then I will have a plethora of items to give away for future birthdays and Christmases, and in the mean time I will have brought joy to my craft which was the original intention after all.

I hope you have enjoyed all the pictures! I look forward to the many months to come and many animals too! My goal is to start coming up with my own designs now that I have learned how to make some basic shapes and assemble them together. We shall see how that goes though … I really do love the Fresh Stitches patterns. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

– Jacey


5 responses to “A gratuitous May wrap-up

    • Yes, I have definitely had the crochet bug. My classes finished up for the semester so I’ve had a lot of free time. That will probably go away some after next week when my kids finish school for the year as well.


  1. Larks are awesome, so is the unicorn. Mr Toothy and the girl, the cat…..as well. My favorite is the bag!!! It is just the way I love them to be. Huge and colorful :D Thank you for sharing the pics with us. Great work


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