Colorful Cakes

Guess what arrived in the mail last week? This did:

lacis ball winder

A Lacis Yarn Ball Winder. It is a miracle maker. Because it can turn this:

yarn pile

Into this:

all wound up 2

Tada! I spent hours winding yarn last Thursday. even more than is pictured here. After I took the really bad skeins of yarn off my shelf, I then started gathering the bags of yarn that had started to accumulate around the house and take care of them, too. I am happy to say that all of my yarn is neatly tucked away into my hutch now. My husband is relieved. I only have one bag of yarn now, but that is forgivable because it is a constant WIP and needs to all stay together in one place. It can be tucked away into my hutch when it’s not being worked on.

In the past, I have tried several ways to wind yarn, from using my hand held blender (it did not go well), to wrapping my yarn around my thumb to create a center pull ball. The thumb trick works, but it’s tedious, and the yarn doesn’t stack nicely like these cakes. I will admit to having more fun than I probably should have winding my yarn up into these colorful little cakes. The handy thing is that the yarn winder is small, easy to attach, and simple to use. I am not a type-A, hyper-organized person, but I think I can get used to this.

all wound up

Last week, it felt like all I did was clean, organize, purge, and rearrange. My house is finally starting to take shape. Nothing like a little winter cleaning to boost the spirits. My kids have been homeschooling and playing nicely (a clean house is easier to play in!) and I have been able to sit down and crochet as well. I promise to blog about those projects soon.

If you are interested in a ball winder of your own, here is an Amazon link to get you started.

So tell me, what do you do with your yarn piles? Do you hand wind them? Ignore them and hope the yarn Gods will magically take care of them for you? Do you have a tried and true trick to winding yarn that doesn’t involve a ball winder? I would love to know!


5 responses to “Colorful Cakes

  1. Ooooh, those look very nice! Now if you just get your kiddos to wind them after the novelty has worn off… ;)

    I don’t have enough yarn to worry about it too much. Since I don’t crochet much I actively refrain from buying yarn. My fabric on the other hand… oooohhh… I have some of those wire mesh shelves – two sets that are joined actually – and I have most things folded and stacked there, but there’s some in a couple of tubs too… it’s too much to nicely contain with my current organization system.


    • One thing I would like to do differently is have my yarn stored in such a way that I can see it. Right now it’s in my China-now-yarn hutch, and I can’t see it. I like to be inspired by the color. It was fun to have it out and to play with it, and be inspired again, or remember projects I’ve made with it in the past.


  2. I love it! My piles are in bags per yarn size and shoved into my closet except my current wip is in a cute portable basket that usually lives on the dining table. But the piles aren’t pretty. I’m seriously tempted to treat myself to a yarn winder! I’m thinking that besides being pretty, it would be easier to tell just how much yarn you have left as well.


    • Yes, exactly! It’s hard to know what I have for a project when it’s in bags or messy piles. I found 4 partial skeins of the same shade green. I’m hoping this cuts down on my double-buying.


  3. I LOVE my yarn winder!!! I use a yarn swift to hold those skeins that come in hanks (which is most of my yarn). I haven’t gone through and wound it all up though into cakes. I WANT to do that but it would steal time from my knitting time AAAANNNDDD…I have quite a bit of yarn and it might take a long time. ;)

    I have baskets like these: and my yarn is organized into sock/finger weight yarn and the “other weights” and then “crummy yarn” like the dishcloth cotton, frilly yarn, etc.


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