Check in on goals

I have several things to share today. I thought I would briefly talk about how I am doing on my 2014 goals. I have blogged at least once per week. I have also maintained two items per week, but not in the way that I had originally imagined. I need to edit my original goal of making two animals per week to two commissions or animals. Either way I want to be crocheting two sale items. If custom orders come in, those will be worked on first. The goal of making two animals per week will keep me in check, and continuing to produce even if there aren’t commissions.

In the first week of January (a half-week) I made a bunny, which I need to list on Etsy. (I’m very bad about this … I have several items ready to go and I need to stop being afraid to list things!)

purple blair bunny frontThe second (and first full week) of January I sold one item on Etsy and sold a Viking helmet with detachable beard to a local customer. I’m very happy about the Etsy sale. It was my first one! I sold Mr. Toothy “the Big”.

mr toothy the big


The Viking helmet with detachable beard was a huge accomplishment and took me several days to make. I’m considering putting the helmet in my Etsy store as a made-to-order listing, but I’m still working out the details.Viking Helm with Brown Beard Front viking beard close up (1) viking beard close up (2)

Shortly after my first Etsy sale, I made my second! I’m pretty ecstatic that I’m making sales. For the first time, I really feel like I am accomplishing something that I intended to accomplish. Granted, I could NOT do that without the wonderful support of my family, community and customers. I’m incredibly happy with where things are going. 

Even more exciting than my second Etsy sale, is that I designed the item. It is my ear warmer. I need to find a better name for it than that. Any suggestions? I plan on releasing the pattern for the ear warmer as well, another one of my 2014 goals. I felt like my production was lower this week because I spent so much time designing the ear warmer (I made over 5 and frogged them and started over, adjusting each time), but in reality I think I’m doing very well.

Selling items, writing patterns, making customers happy. 2014 is shaping up to be amazing.

earwarmer 1

earwarmer 4


The blue ear warmer was my first complete prototype, and I have kept it for myself. The one I sold on Etsy was brown for the customer. I sure hope she likes it!brown and cream earwarmer

That brings us to this week, the third week of January. I finished (and sold!) my ladybug, along with an owl, to a local customer. She did end up liking the size of the eyes, by the way. I also finished the cow, which will be listed on Etsy over the weekend.

camila front camila back camila close up

ladybug and child 2

ladybug front ladybug topladybug back


All in all, I feel like I am on track, and am incredibly happy with my results.




5 responses to “Check in on goals

  1. Love your products! What about calling the ear warmer a crochet fashion headband or classic look headband or vintage look headband?
    Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to following your progress! Feel free to c


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