Another Lark

Just a quick little update today for finished works. My pattern is completely done being written. I am just waiting to hear back from testers and then I will publish it!

This week, I got back to crocheting monsters. After working on the ear warmer pattern for so long, it was so nice to get back to what I really love. I finished the Lark, pictured below, and am almost done with another One-Eyed Spike. I just have to attach felt to the eye and wait for a better time of day to take pictures.

How can you not be happy when working on something so cute?

How can you not be happy when working on something so cute?

Pattern for Lark is by Stacey Trock.

Twice this week, the kids and I have gone on walks. The weather here in Montana has been unseasonably warm. On Monday, we met with a group of friends, since many of them had the day off for Martin Luther King Day, and we went for a walk along the Clark Fork and then visited the local carousel. It was fun to get out for the day and have fun walking.

I forgot that I had my phone with me on our second walk for the day to take pictures. It was Greenough Park, a little more woodsy, and the kids, dog and I had a fun time exploring and pretending we were out in the wilds. You can almost imagine it when you are there; imagine that there aren’t houses and roads just beyond the trees. That’s one of the things I love about living in Montana. Quick and easy access to nature. We definitely have to go back to Greenough Park, because we found a neat lean-to structure that someone had put up using the fallen trees from the area.

Here are some of the pictures from Caras Park and the Missoual Carousel. I need to start remembering to bring my actual camera when I go out!






We found a neat little rock structure on the side of the Clark Fork river.


It is impossible to get these two to pose nicely for a picture.



As always, thanks for stopping by. I will let you know when the ear warmer pattern is ready.


One response to “Another Lark

  1. Great pics – looks like you had such a fun week enjoying the weather! It has been freezing here in Boston, so I’ve been staying in as much as possible. And, BTW, I love crocheting monsters too! Yours is adorable!


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