WIP Wednesday 5

Yay, snow! The light here is dismal, because of the snow, so I thought I would go outside to capture this WIP.

I’ve had a very productive weekend and week, which means that I don’t have a lot of WIPs right now because I’ve been finishing projects! I am currently working on these Text Me Gloves by The Needle Nerd. I grabbed this pattern over a year ago when she was having a sale, and haven’t had an excuse to make them until now.

My photographer friend ordered a pair of fingerless gloves and I thought these would be perfect. She doesn’t want a lot of frills, and needs the function of her fingers while taking pictures outside. They are made out of sock yarn, which was so finicky to start out with. It’s very silky and smooth though. I spied some mother-of-pearl type buttons at Jo-Ann’s yesterday, so I will be add several down the front edge the gloves. I think it will give it a subtly beautiful finish.

text me gloves wip


Remember, you have until Friday to grab my Tapered Earwarmer pattern while it’s still on sale! No coupon needed. :)

Click on the photo below to visit Tami’s Ami’s for more Wip Wednesday posts by other creative crafters:



4 responses to “WIP Wednesday 5

  1. Oh, pretty! Sometimes simple is best. I was having a difficult time with lighting due to weather as well! (Although my 3 yo begged me to stay inside.)


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