Catching up on mittens

With all of the snow that’s hit these last two days here in Montana, I decided I really needed to finish up the mittens that I started for my kids back in November. *coughbadjaceycough*

I really love the snow though. If it’s going to be cold in the middle of winter, I’ll take a snow covered yard over rainy, or sunshiney and frozen any day. Call me crazy, but I love it.

Here’s my back porch right now. It’s really coming down!

snow trees

My car was completely cleared off last night, if you can believe it. Good thing I stocked up on dark chocolate when I went to the store, because there’s a good chance I won’t be leaving the house today.

snow car

On to the mittens! Paige helped pick out the buttons. She had probably 20 more than these picked out, but we narrowed them down a bit.

paige button gloves purple and pink heart

For Mason’s gloves, I did an Ironman inspired circle patch on the front. If I had really planned ahead, I would have done the inside part of his cuff in yellow/gold as well, to make it look even more like Ironman. Oh well. I think he’s happy with them.

mason iron man gloves ironman

As I’m writing this post, both of my kids are bundled up and playing outside in this snow. I told them if they shoveled off the back porch they could get 30 minutes of video game time. Both sides of the party are happy with the trade.

The pattern for these gloves can be found here: Mrs. Murdock’s Mittens. The only alterations I made were to make the thumbs shorter than the pattern suggests. They were too long the way it was written for the big kids size. This is the second time I’ve made these mittens, and I love them. It’s a great pattern.

On a side note, I started watching Sherlock, the tv show, while I was crocheting these mittens. LOVE! I loved it so much that I rewatched the first episode with my husband that night, so now we can watch them together. The humor doesn’t seem quite as dry as other British shows that I’ve seen, but still very much feels not-American.

Thanks for stopping by. For those of you in the U.S. dealing with this cold weather, stay warm this weekend!

To see more finished objects by other creative crafters, click on the image below!FOfriday


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