Pick a cellphone case you like

One year ago I became the proud owner of my first ever smartphone. I was so happy. My life felt complete. I thought I was really cool.

And then this happened:

htc one x cracked screenThis is what my phone has looked like for the last 10 months. The ‘event’ happened while I wasn’t using the above ugly bejeweled case. You see, I had bought the case on an impulse, but then I really didn’t like it. The jewels were scratchy against my face as I used it and the phone was heavy and unwieldy with it on. And no, I didn’t have insurance. *sigh*

So I have dealt with it, trying not to complain too much since it was my own fault that the phone broke. If it wasn’t for the screen protector, my phone wouldn’t have made it these last 10 months. So here’s my lesson: get a case you like, so that you actually use it!

I finally had the opportunity to upgrade my phone and I am once again the proud, happy, fulfilled owner of a shiny new smartphone. With a screen protector. And a pretty case, that I like. And now, a crocheted cozy as well. I really don’t want this phone to get ruined in any way shape or form (I can’t afford to be upgrading every year!) so I crocheted a phone cozy to go along with the aforementioned safety precautions. Another added layer of security, for when my phone is in a bag or purse and potentially being knocked around.

phone cozy open phone cozy closedNothing is damaging this new phone.

In other crochet news, I had an order from my Ebay shop! It was super fun to make another monster. It had been awhile since I made one … an entire three or four weeks. ;)

mr. toothy light blue and green front mr. toothy light blue and green back

This guy got shipped along with the Tinkerbell and they both made their way to new homes with happy children. :)

I was also able to do a pattern test recently for an adorable hedgehog! At nights we have been reading Brian JacquesMossflower, so when Chloe of Amination asked me if I would test her new hedgehog pattern, I had to say yes! The pattern is now available for purchase. You should definitely go check it out. Her patterns are well written and have a lot of helpful photos along the way. It was a lot of work to attach all those spines, but this guy is so cute and cuddly, it was worth it. My son, especially, really fell in love with hedgehog–not surprising since we have been reading about fun woodland creatures for weeks now–and kept trying to steal him from me!

hedgehog side hedgehog top hedgehog feetLook at those tiny feet! It’s so cute I can hardly stand it.

Do you have any horrible cellphone stories that you want to share? Post them below! 

– Jacey

Click the image below to see more finished objects by other creative crafters!



6 responses to “Pick a cellphone case you like

  1. Oh gosh – that shattered phone looks awful. I can’t imagine trying to get along with that! I have two cases for my iPhone – a small thin hard case, as well as a cushioned leather bag. Nothing’s gonna happen to my phone either :)

    The little monster is great! Love the combination of colours!


  2. my kids have been telling me I should get a smart phone but after last spring and what happened with my regular cell phone I keep telling them I am not smart enough to have a smart phone. first I got back from taking care of my Mom who had hip surgery and I was tired and out of it. so I accidentily washed my cell phone…thats right I washed it and spun dried it. of course it didn’t work when I got it out of the washer. but I put it in a bag of rice just in case. luckily for me we had a spare phone an old one we threw into a drawer…I went and got that phone activated. alls well that ends well right….wrong….I took my dog who had acl surgery for a water theraphy session and as the dog got out of the water tank she shook and got me a little wet. and wouldn’t you know it the phone stopped working. ok I checked the phone that was in the rice bag and surprise it worked so back to the phone store to activate the phone. long story but the moral is Mom is not smart enough to have a smart phone…


    • Oh man, between my husband and I, we have had our fair share of cell phone mishaps. Washing machine, dipping it in coffee (ok that was my daughter when she was 1), coffee spills, driving over the phone, etc. I am SO careful now though. The phone doesn’t come with me in the bathroom, or near my kitchen sink, and I don’t walk around with it outside or in parking lots! So far so good. :)


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