Busy Birthday Week

I apologize for my lack of posts this last week and a half or so.  It has been a crazy week!

It was my birthday last Tuesday. The Big 3-0. I had a pretty great day. I woke up with presents from my kids, which were so adorable. My daughter bought me these huge earrings, which are not quite my style but I love them anyway since they are from her, and my son got me a little heart necklace. They were both incredibly sweet and excited that it was my birthday, I couldn’t help but be happy because of them. My husband took me out on a date. I knew that we were planning on going out, but what I didn’t know was that he had arranged for my best friends to be there with me! It was a nice little surprise. After dinner, we all came back to my apartment and had a cake that my best friend Amber made for me. In honor of my recent blog name change, she made me a yarn cake:

thefriendlyyetiyarnHow impressive is that? I recently helped my son make a volcano cake, and it did not look nearly as good as this cake does. She blogged all about it here!


iwilleatitallI apologize about this last photo. I couldn’t help it. The cake was very tasty, and gluten free, too!

After the birthday we managed to have a busy week, which unfortunately, ended with a bout of food poisoning for my husband over the weekend. I was so busy taking care of him and the kids, that I didn’t have time to blog!

Somehow, I still managed to crochet. My sister ordered a monster from my Etsy store. She ordered a Lark, but asked for it to have some fun legs attached. This is what I came up with:

lark legs front lark legs three quarter lark legs sideI was really happy with the result. I may have to put legs on Lark every time from now on! When done like this, and especially in these colors, it looks like a little tutu! I don’t know why I love this little monster so much, but he/she is just so cute and fun to make.

I am trying to get ahead of the Easter holiday, and made a bunny! On my facebook page I asked what color people thought the Easter bunny should be and many responded with grey.

bunny ribbon front

I think he turned out pretty cute. bunny ribbon close bunny ribbon back

For selling items, I really like to have a crisp white background on my pictures so that customers can clearly see the item I am offering. I think the downside to this is that I don’t always show the scale of my animals. Some of them are quite large! So I am starting to experiment with also adding a photo prop picture to my items.

bunny special

What is an Easter bunny without eggs?

What do you think of the picture with photo props? Let me know in the comments! Setting up pictures like this isn’t a skill that comes naturally to me. I need more practice setting up a nice scene, but I was happy with it. If you are interested in buying the bunny, you can find it in my Etsy store here.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


9 responses to “Busy Birthday Week

  1. *laugh * Lark with looks almost like Om Nom from the game Cut the Rope.

    I think having both pictures is good… the white ones let you see things in detail and without distractions, and the basket picture does give you a better sense of scale. My only thought is that I’ve seen really big baskets, and smaller baskets – so for me it’s the *eggs* that give the scale… not the basket.


  2. I love the bunny and the little purple monster. So cute. And now I see how Dakota found my blog. lol I’m glad you liked your cake. <3


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