WIP Wednesday 9



Good afternoon everyone! Today I have a fun WIP to share. Stacey over at Freshstitches has a really neat program called the kit club. Every two months, she mails out a kit, filled with a pattern, yarn and usually a special twist to make one of her animals. Every kit is a surprise … you never know what you’re going to get  but you know that it’s going to be super fun. As part of my birthday last March, I decided to join the club and try it out. The past kits she has put out have been so fun, so I really wanted to get in on the kit action.

I haven’t been able to blog about it until now because Stacey asks that we keep the kits a secret, except for talking and posting about it in a spoiler thread that she has in her Ravelry group. This way any international participants that might take longer to get their packages won’t have the surprise ruined for them.

I got my kit 3 weeks ago and was so excited to dig in:


Inside she has all the contents wrapped in a clear plastic bag, tied off with a ribbon. There is a password protected URL that comes along with the kit that gives the special instructions for that particular kit:


For first time kit participants, she sends a cute winking-owl button:


For this particular kit, we received Russ, the chick in an egg pattern–perfect for Easter. It’s a chick that reverses into an egg! The special twist with this pattern, is that we get to FELT it! You wash and dry the crocheted pieces so they get super fuzzy and shrink quite a bit in size. I’ve never felted anything before–well, except for the one slipper that I accidentally sent through the wash– so I was excited to try my hands at a new skill.

Inside this kit, she included all the yarn to make Russ, special eyes to be sewn on after felting, and a larger crochet hook than what she usually calls for in her patterns. In order to get the desired look for felting, you have to crochet quite a bit bigger than you normally would for an amigurumi, so that it looks right when shrunk down. There were also special crochet instructions on her website for modifying the chick in the egg pattern so that it would come out correctly after felting.


I have to say, working with 100% wool yarn for this amigurumi has been divine. I’ve never made an animal out of wool before. A girl could get used to this!!

Here are my pieces all crocheted up. You might be able to see that my gauge is a little looser and that there are visible holes in the fabric. That’s ok…they will close up after felting.


Now I just need to pop these pieces in the wash and get it all sewn together, then I will have an adorable fuzzy chick that can turn into an egg.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Jacey

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8 responses to “WIP Wednesday 9

  1. I used to belong to a couple sock knitting clubs like that. I got behind and it was hard to catch up with so many other things to knit!

    That looks so cute!!! Can’t wait to see Russ finished!


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