WIP Wednesday 10

Hi all, I have a WIP to share with you, but first I need to tell you my sad story. Maybe if I get it off my chest, I can stop feeling so bummed about it. It’s all sounding very dramatic, isn’t it? Do you remember the Trillian shawl that I started, way back in March?

trillian working

Well, I have somehow lost the project. I mean, really lost. It is no where to be found. I went on a road trip and carpooled along with some friends. On the way home I know that I had my project, because I spent some time knitting while sitting in the back seat of the car. Well, things were all very chaotic when I got home, excited kids, crazy dog, happy to be home and all that. I feel sure that I grabbed the bag it was in and brought it into the house, and then in the hustle and bustle set it down somewhere. Well, turns out I can’t find it. I have looked and looked, hoped and hoped, even contacted the friends that I was carpooling with, and it is nowhere to be found. Needles, yarn and everything. I. Am. Sad. Ok, maybe I am a little less sad now, a few months later, but I’m still bummed!

I had the project in the cute, small, brown bag that I originally bought the yarn in. It was the perfect size for one skein of yarn, my shawl and my needles, and had little handles on it. What I think happened, but have no way to know for sure, is that the bag was mistaken for trash and probably thrown away. I have no other explanation. For quite awhile I held out hope that I would find it. I mean, let’s be honest, I’m really not the most organized person in the world. But I have searched everywhere that I can think of. My husband and I are even on a cleaning/decluttering/minimizing spree, and it still has not shown up. So I am afraid that it is gone forever.

The lost yarn and work is disappointing, but I’m most bummed about losing the needles. They were a gift (well, from a gift card) and they were really nice. So now, since I am decluttering my house, I am looking for things to sell so that I can buy a new set and get started on a new shawl. I still have two lovely skeins of the sock yarn that I originally bought, one purple and one teal, and I really want to make that shawl!

cascade heritage jade

cascade heritage plum


With morning sickness, losing those needles and a general lack of energy, I haven’t knitted much since. Thankfully, in the last few weeks that has all changed, and I have started a new project! I am a bit burned out on crochet, so I have turned to knitting. The last crochet project I completed was Bonnie, the chicken and her chick and egg. Eep! I just realized I never even shared that! I completed this test crochet for Monster’s Toy Box back in June!

bonnie 1 bonnie 2 bonnie 3 bonnie 4

I also finished the baby blanket for my good friend, Tiffany, who has since had her baby! She was able to use the blanket in the hospital with her beautiful baby girl, Cora. The blanket was gender neutral because at the time, she didn’t know what she was having.

blanket 1

blanket 2

blanket 3

blanket 4

I’ve started a couple other projects since then, three actually, but just haven’t had the will to finish them. So I decided it was time for something new, challenging, and fresh.

I have started a pair of socks!

second sock WIP

Let me tell you, I have been enjoying these immensely. It has been a huge challenge working with double points. I found a great free pattern, called Marie’s Basic Sock Pattern. I have been impressed with the pattern. It’s detailed enough that I know how many stitches should be on each needle and always know what to expect for each section of the sock, but easy enough that a first timer like me (along with the help of a few YouTube videos) can knit a fairly complicated project like a sock!

I have already completed my first one. Please forgive this sock. It is stretched out from my constantly trying it on to see if everything was working, and not blocked, because I don’t have sock blockers! I may have to get some of those so I can share my completed socks, because I think this whole sock knitting thing might just stick.

first sock completed



Here it is on my foot. I think it looks a little better this way. (Excuse the Instagram filter.)



The cool thing is, I’m improving quickly. Look at the first cuff, compared to the second cuff:

sock cuff


Granted, the first cuff, on the left, has been stretched out a bit from me wearing it. On the second one, the stitches are much neater and tighter and the gap that can result in between the double pointed needles is almost non-existent!

Knitting these socks has been really fun and I’m glad I took on the challenge. I’ve wanted to knit socks for almost two years, but have been too afraid to try. I’m already planning my next pair! Those will have to wait though, because I have to start another baby blanket, for my other best friend. If I don’t, there’s no way I’ll get it done in time for her baby, which is due late September/early October.

Whew! I can tell I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I’m glad to be feeling better enough to do so again. I hope everyone is well.

Until next time!

– Jacey

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7 responses to “WIP Wednesday 10

    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the colors when I bought it. It was on clearance and I thought I would buy it while it was on sale, just in case the whole sock making thing didn’t work out.


  1. OH no!!!! That is so sad!!!!

    GREAT job on the socks and those chickens/chicks are so cute!!!!

    I dont’ have sock blockers either….I just soak for 15 min, roll them up in a towel to get the excess water out, then lie flat until dry. :)


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