Flower Girl Dress

test spin small

These last three weeks I have been sewing my daughter a dress. “Three weeks to make a dress?!” you ask? Well, I’m not a seamstress, by any means. I had to take days off in between sewing so I wouldn’t rip the thing to pieces in frustration. I really wish I was joking. But it’s done, and I’m pretty happy with it! It’s not perfect, but it’s cute and my daughter loves it. She is so excited to have a dress that’s as long as it is that “actually fits” her (her words).

I could have bought a dress from David’s Bridal very easily. Honestly, I only saved myself about $30 by making this myself, but I learned so much in the process. Yes, it was incredibly difficult and challenging, but also very satisfying to make. On a complete and total side-note, something you may not know about me is that I homeschool my children. Not only that, but we unschool. (Here is a post about it … or do a quick Google search and you will find a lot of information.) It’s radical and I rarely talk about it because I am still getting used to the idea myself, but I truly believe in it. The idea is that learning is fun and self-motivated, and doesn’t need to be controlled by a curriculum and schedule. So these last few weeks I learned how to make a dress. I think it set a good example for my two children on how to take on a project and embrace learning something new, even if it’s hard! For this dress I had to borrow a sewing machine, but I think I will definitely be purchasing one in the future. Maybe next time I’ll pick more forgiving fabric than bridal-satin.


I absolutely adore this picture. I had her try on the dress after I basted together the top and bottom pieces, to make sure everything was sitting right. She kept begging me to do a test-spin. The smile on her face says it all.


The biggest mistake I made was to gather the two layers of the bottom of the dress separately. Rookie mistake, I know. So the gathering around the waste isn’t perfect, but I was able to hand sew the two pieces together (this was the point in the dress where I was practically holding back tears).

20140816_173649No, the hem isn’t even. I tried my best.

20140816_173700You can’t even tell when she’s holding it though!


Before you ask, no I did not make that sash and bow. I didn’t feel quite up to that challenge, plus I thought it would be difficult to match the bridal colors. I bought it from David’s Bridal. They are one-size-fits-all. It fits … barely. I am going to have to pin it in place the day of the wedding. I don’t want to sew it onto the dress, because we want to re-use the dress for an Ice Princess costume this Halloween. The zipper also isn’t perfect, which doesn’t really show in this picture but you can tell up close. Thankfully her hair is long and will cover it up!

20140816_173728And of course, some nice new blingy shoes. She wants to wear them outside so badly, but I’m making her keep them in the house until the day of the wedding (just one more week!) and then she can have-at-em.

Sorry I haven’t had any crochet updates in awhile. This dress has taken my full attention. I am knitting a pair of socks (usually only on Sunday mornings before church when my husband is practicing his worship set.) So they are slow going. At this rate the socks will be finished next July *sarcasm*. I am also working on a baby blanket for my friend and have made good progress with that, but haven’t gotten around to taking pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Jacey


One response to “Flower Girl Dress

  1. It looks beautiful, and good job taking it on! Thoughts for future sewing… I find that natural fabrics (generally) are much more forgiving than synthetics, and please do yourself a favor and buy a decent machine when you get to that point… I thought the $100ish machines from Target/Shopko/Walmart would be okay… NOT. (Avoid the White Brand.) I had nothing but problems and never did sew a thing on that machine. I finally found a Kenmore on clearance at Sears and used it until I upgraded. It got a lot of use!


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