Cupcakes for a caterer

One of my friends had a birthday party last Tuesday and I thought it would be fun to crochet her up some cupcakes. She caters, specializing in cakes and cupcakes.

blue cupcake

yellow cupcake

pink cupcake

top three

cupcakes all in a row

cupcake cluster

These were quick to make. I was able to get them all done in one afternoon before the birthday party. The pattern is Quick Cupcake. It was a good trial run for me to see if toy food would be a viable option for me to make for my Etsy store.

There are actually two e-books of food by Monsters Toy Box that I want to invest in and I think would be really fun to do. Those patterns are done in my usual style, which is to crochet through the back loops only. The Quick Cupcake pattern is done in the more standard both loops, but I noticed that my crochet hand got really tired working like that. I definitely prefer back loop for amigurumi!

Well, that’s all for today.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Jacey


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