Elephant Blanket Lovey

This post will be quick. I have to share this somewhere, and I can’t post it on Facebook just yet because it’s a gift for a friend. I don’t think she reads my blog. Ha! We’ll see. :)

The pattern is from One & Two Company called Elephant Security Blanket.

The yarn I used was Hobby Lobby I love this yarn in Greybeard and Vanna’s Choice in Purple Mist (I might be wrong about the Purple Mist, but it’s definitely Vanna’s Choice.) Hook size is my standard 4.5mm.

I made a few changes to the pattern. I worked in back loops only and removed one row of plain single crochet for each piece, because the back loop makes things a bit elongated. I enjoy making my amigurumi this way. It produces a squishier, softer fabric. I also did not include any buttons or plastic safety eyes. All pieces are yarn and embroidered, to make it completely baby safe.

On to the pictures!
elephant lovey 1elephant lovey 2 elephant lovey 4 elephant lovey 3 elephant lovey 6 elephant lovey 5

I will definitely be making a lovey for my boy (only 2 more months!). One & Two Company has a really cute dinosaur lovey with feet. I could see that pattern hopping into my repertoire pretty easily. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

– Jacey


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