Yes, I’m still here

The crocheting has been very slow these last few months because of baby, but things are starting to pick up! Without further ado:

First to share, a hammerhead shark that my oldest son begged me to make him for two years. He picked out the colors. At first, I wasn’t sure how the variegated would turn out, but I love it now!

hammerhead side hammerhead tail harmmerhead bottom hammerhead top

The shark took me … two and a half months.  Oy. But as the baby has gotten a little older and I feel less like a walking zombie, I’m able to crochet more. I also completed this beetle in JUST THREE DAYS! Ha. He was quite a bit smaller though. I think I will stick to the small projects for now. There is something quite satisfying in starting and finishing something relatively quickly.

beetle three quarters beetle side

beetle bottomThat’s all for now! I promise that I will try to not be a stranger from here on out. :)

– Jacey


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